Angle Pursuit's Policies
Credit / debit cards and cash are accepted for booking and payment. All purchases are subject to SC sales tax. Personal checks are not accepted. One promotional used per appt. 

Appointments (appt.) are booked by 100.00 deposit or by full payment per appt., through invoice. To check availability and make appt., please contact Angle Pursuit, Inc (AP, Inc) to book and complete invoice, invoice(s) must be paid 72 hrs (3 days) prior to appt. This process is for the safety of the card, the card holder and to answer questions the guest(s) may have. If guest(s) does not contact AP, Inc, the company is unable to confirm availability and or scheduled appt.

Guest(s) may cancel appt. in advance of 72 hours (hrs) (3 days) prior to reservation. Guest(s) may reschedule within 72 hrs, which deposit is non-refundable, and a credit of the deposit will go towards a future appt. If guest(s) cancels within 48 hrs (2 days), guest(s) forfeits deposit. If guest(s) misses (no-show) appt., the guest(s) forfeits deposit and is charged in full for the reserved appt.

If guest(s) have an emergency or unexpected situation, please contact AP, Inc.

AP, Inc reserves the right to postpone and or cancel due to inclement weather and or mechanical failure at any time. Safety is our primary concern and guest(s) will not be placed in jeopardy. If AP, Inc makes the call to postpone and or cancel an appt. AP, Inc will attempt to reschedule the guest(s), if unable to reschedule, the guest(s) will receive a refund of all funds paid. Pricing and services subject to change without notice. No profit is made on funds received as a deposit.

"Catch and Release" program is practiced for natural conservation, but nothing wrong with keeping a couple fresh fish for dinner. 

Fish cleaning services are not provided.

Alcohol limited to 3 (16 oz.) beverages per guest. Smoking, tobacco and illegal drugs are prohibited on property.

Please try to give a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to desired appt. date.

Appt. are subject to surpass their allotted time to accommodate guest(s) upon request, at 90.00 per hour, as schedules allow.

Special request for pick-up location will constitute in a 100.00 surcharge.

​If you have any questions concerning pick-up, times, pricing, payments, gear, licensing, personal items, customization, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask at anytime. 

Our policies are in place to achieve first-class decorum. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Go Angle!